Sunday, 20 August 2017

Almost Peggy Face Honey

Almost Peggy is the brainchild of two sisters from Melbourne, Lucy and Clare, and Face Honey is currently their only product. It is a natural exfoliating daily face wash aiming to solve many common skin problems by natural means and using their hero ingredient, honey (obviously!). I was fortunate to win a packet of the gooey stuff in an Instagram giveaway by Wellness by Kels and have been giving it a good test out since.

Face Honey promises to nourish and gently exfoliate the skin. It also promises to promote clear skin and balance oils.

Face Honey is a dark golden, slightly sticky paste packaged in one of those resealable envelope packets that are all the rage for body scrubs. Not going to lie, I hate the packaging. Fortunately, Face Honey's semi-solid state allows you to easily scoop out a chunk to apply to your face. It is recommended that you wet your face before applying so that it is easier to spread the product out (trust me, do not try to apply it to a dry face) so this means that some of the water ends up in the packaging and trying to reseal it with wet hands...nightmare. Actually, trying to reseal these envelopes full stop I struggle - anyone else? I think it would be slightly better in a jar because at least you wouldn't be reaching all the way in for some product and ending up with sticky hands and wrists too. Sadly, the product is way too thick to be packaged in pump-style packaging.

I have been using Face Honey as a second cleanse after removing makeup in the evenings and occasionally as a first cleanse first thing in the morning. It is much easier than I was expecting to spread the product over your face given the stickiness of the honey and the thickness of the formula. It has a slightly gritty texture from the bicarbonate soda included to help with exfoliation. I normally do not enjoy exfoliating scrubs as I prefer acid exfoliation, however I found this gentle enough on my skin to use a couple of times a week. My skin is very soft and smooth after use and the antibiotic properties of the honey have helped to clear up and heal some of my breakouts faster than normal.

To me, Face Honey smells exactly like honeycomb and I really enjoy opening this up just because of the smell alone! Given the first two ingredients are honey and organic bicarbonate soda, this makes a lot of sense. The rest of the ingredients include grapeseed oil, organic agar agar, and essential oils of sweet orange, cedarwood, lime, bergamot, frankincense, ylang ylang, and geranium. It is a really simple, natural formula that relies on the natural preservative effects of the honey but does need to be used up within four to six weeks of opening.

Price: $26.95 (Almost Peggy website) [$0.135/g]
Rate: ingredients, scent, efficacy, Australian-made and owned, cruelty free
Hate: packaging (really)
Verdict: I wouldn't repurchase this, despite enjoying it as a change from acid exfoliation, simply because the packaging is way too fussy, messy and irritating

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