Saturday, 1 April 2017

Go-To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys

Personally, I am not a fan of physical exfoliation and will always choose chemical exfoliation in the
form of an acid toner over traditional exfoliating scrubs. I feel that chemical exfoliation is a better way of exfoliating as it is easier to thoroughly spread the product over your skin to ensure even exfoliation rather than trying to push scrub particles here, there, and everywhere. I am also a huge fan of Zoë Foster-Blake's peachy cruelty-free skincare range Go-To Skincare, so when you combine the two together, myself and my skin are sure to enjoy! I have previously tried the Face Hero from the Go-To Skincare range and my skin loved it, so I was keen to see how it fared with the Exfoliating Swipeys.

These single use exfoliating face pads are soaked in an AHA solution that promises to remove dead skin cells and refine the skin's texture. The inclusion of essential oils also promises to hydrate and moisturise.

I really enjoy using single use pads like these at it makes life so much simpler as opposed to mucking around with a bottle of liquid and a fluffy cotton pad. These pads are nicely soaked in the lactic acid solution and are sufficiently moist to cover all of your face and down your neck too. I am down to the last couple of pads in my tub now and they are still as soaked as the first few started out. I did not find them to sting at all, however I have been using acid toners for quite a few years now so it takes a particularly strong one for my skin to say ouch!

The aloe vera included in the formula certainly does its job of ensuring your skin is not dried out from the lactic acid and after use, my skin is plump and bright. From pure habit, I'll follow these up a minute after use with my usual skincare routine of an hydrating toner, serum and moisturiser, however they do not leave the skin feeling tight and in need of moisture in any way. They haven't had much impact on my hormonal chin and jaw acne but have definitely kept the rest of my skin texture smooth and clear.

I like to use these mainly at night time and usually every second night, so the 50 pads will last around a third of the year for me. They also come delivered with a really cute zip-lock bag so that you can take some away with you when travelling. I don't love the actual texture of the pads - they almost feel a bit plasticky compared to the usual cotton pad and they are certainly rougher - but this isn't really noticeable until you have used most of the product on the pad and it is dried out some. The plastic peach tub packaging is great and I have never noticed it to leak.

The main ingredient in the solution is water, followed by lactic acid for exfoliation and aloe vera for hydration and soothing properties. The fourth ingredient is alcohol in the form of ethanol which could be a concern in drying out the skin and increasing sensitivity, however I consider myself to have dry skin and it has not bothered me in this formula. Making up the rest of the formula are propanediol (hydrating and can increase skin absorption of other ingredients), polysorbate 20 (surfactant and emulsifier for cleansing), dehydroacetic acid (synthetic preservative), benzyl alcohol (organic alcohol that acts as a preservative too), sodium citrate (controls pH as well as acting as an antioxidant and preservative), and potassium sorbate (another preservative). Finally, the formula does contain fragrance from mandarin and lemon extract.

I thoroughly enjoy these pads as a way of exfoliating chemically and they are so easy and quick to use! I personally have seen better improvement in my skin using a glycolic acid exfoliator but I love the idea of these as a brightening treatment for my skin.

Price: $46.00 (Go-To Skincare) [$0.92/pad]
Rate: brightening effects, packaging, ease of use, Australian-made and owned
Hate: nothing, really!
Verdict: I'd definitely repurchase as a brightening treatment for my skin but not as a skin clearing treatment.

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