Tuesday, 28 February 2017

3 Weleda products currently in my bathroom

Standing in the shower the other morning, I noticed that three of the items I used were all from the same brand - Weleda - so I thought I would show them a bit of love. Weleda is a German/Swiss company which has been around since 1921 (although somehow I have only recently come across it in the past 12 months or so!) that focuses on creating natural and organic products in ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible ways. They source their key ingredients from biodynamic, organic and wild-crafted suppliers. I had never heard of "wild-crafted" before, but it means that plants are cultivated without chemicals in their natural wild environment and harvested sustainably to conserve their numbers, which is pretty cool!

The three products that I currently have from Weleda are the Wheat Balancing Shampoo, Lavender Creamy Body Wash (kindly gifted at the most recent Bloggers United Australia Perth event), and the Salt Toothpaste.

The Wheat Balancing Shampoo is for hair and scalp care. It promises to remove loose flakes, moisturise dry scalp, and gently cleanse the hair. The shampoo is free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances and colours as well as containing no mineral oil or silicone. My hair is generally pretty flaky and I usually employ Head & Shoulders to get rid of the flakes when they appear once every other month. I wanted to try a more natural shampoo to see if I could have any luck controlling the flakes on a more ongoing basis.

The shampoo is a golden-coloured gel that smells very herbal with a definite hit of tea tree and hints of rosemary. I always shampoo twice - once to remove any products from my hair and again to properly cleanse and massage the scalp. When I first started using the shampoo, I found that it left my hair feeling really heavy, especially at the back, almost as if I had washed it with an oil or put too much product in my hair and it looked oily too. I promptly gave up (bad blogger) and did not touch it for a couple of months, thinking that natural shampoos were not for me.

In our recent move from Perth to Bunbury, I picked it up again and thought I would give it another go whilst I wasn't working and it didn't matter how my hair looked. After consistent use over a week or two, the heavy feeling after washing with this shampoo disappeared and the flakes on my scalp had completely cleared up. Apparently it is pretty normal for your hair to "detox" when you switch from one shampoo to another (regardless of whether transitioning to a natural shampoo or not) so I just needed to persist with it whilst my scalp adjusted. It is probably worth noting that I kept using a non-natural conditioner, although I am going to look into buying a natural one now too!

The Lavender Creamy Body Wash promises to gently cleanse the skin whilst soothing and calming with pure lavender essential oil. I have previously used the pomegranate version of this body wash and loved it, so I asked the Weleda representative at the Bloggers United Australia event what she recommended, which is how I ended up with the lavender version.

This is a really beautiful rich creamy body wash that is super moisturising for the skin. It does not lather up a whole lot, which doesn't bother me, but for those who like a bubble bath in the shower may be a problem! My issue with this body wash is the scent. It is so intense! The lavender oil is really strong and too much for me. I find it overpowering rather than relaxing, so unfortunately I just don't enjoy this body wash as much as its pomegranate sister.

The Salt Toothpaste promises to prevent tooth discolouration and reduce the build up of tartar with regular brushing. This toothpaste is definitely out of the ordinary compared to a regular toothpaste! I have been using natural toothpastes for a long time now - Grant's mild mint toothpaste is my favourite given it's Australian (and available from Coles) - and I am always happy to try something a bit different. I had seen great reviews for this one by Weleda so thought I would give it a go.

It is a gritty brown paste that does not look super appealing but smells minty like a regular toothpaste. I swear I read a review somewhere that said this tastes like salted caramel, so I was super keen to try! The taste is pretty overwhelming. Really salty with hints of mint. It takes a while to become used to it but I have pushed through and don't notice it so much anymore. Luckily too, because this has a really whitening effect on my teeth, more so than any other natural toothpaste I've tried (including two activated charcoal ones which are all the rage at the moment). So, positives and negatives for this one.

There you have it. A quick review on three Weleda products I'm currently using in my bathroom. I think the likely only repurchase for me would be the shampoo. Whilst I like the Salt Toothpaste, the saltiness is just too much sometimes (especially right after breakfast!) and the body wash is not my jam.

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