Saturday, 22 August 2015

nu'trir Hydrating Mineral Day Cream

I have been on the hunt for a new day cream for quite some time and this new one by natural Australian skincare brand Nu'trir caught my eye last time I was browsing Priceline, so I thought I would give it a go.

It is quite a gluggy texture with a flesh-toned colour that looks like it will be difficult to spread on the skin and would leave a noticeable colour to your skin. The complete opposite is true though, and this cream thins out beautifully when applied and leaves no visible tint. It might leave your skin the slightest bit more evened out in colour, but nothing really noticeable. Certainly this is not in the realms of a tinted moisturiser.

One thing that I do particularly enjoy about this day cream is that it has a slight mattifying effect. It sinks into the skin really quickly and does not leave a dewy, 'I just moisturised' look. However, it still leaves my skin comfortably hydrated throughout the day. I have found that it is one of the better moisturisers to use under makeup as it helps to delay the oily t-zone to late afternoon at least. I tend to have drier skin, especially on my cheeks and nose, but this provides enough moisture for me throughout the day. Thirstier skin may struggle.

The day cream has quite a heavy lime scent from the natural oils included in the formula. Some mornings, this is a joyous wake up call but other mornings it can be quite heavy and cloying as it takes a little while to fade. If you are sensitive to fragrance or essential oils, this is not the day cream for you. I enjoy switching it in and out of my routine depending on how I am feeling about the scent on that particular day (fussy, I know!).

Ingredients wise, this has olive oil extract, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as sunscreen agents, jojoba seed oil, vitamin B (panthenol), B3 (niacinamide), E (tocopherol), C (ascorbyl palmitate) and A (retinyl palmitate), green tea extract, aloe vera, eucalyptus, and lime oil amongst others. The prime reason I picked this up in the first place was because it is a moisturiser that contains no silicons!

The packaging of this product is quite stunning. Homewares, makeup, clothing, jewellery and everything else are going through a copper/rose gold phase at the moment, so if nothing else this pot will look gorgeous on your dressing table. It has a big chunky rose gold lid that makes the product feel very luxe. No spatula was included so this is one of those moisturisers that you have to dip your fingers into.

Price: $39.95 (nu'trir website) [$0.80/mL]
Rate: ingredients, packaging, mattifying effect, efficacy, Australian made and owned
Hate: scent
Verdict: I am just not a huge fan of the scent so this would not be a repurchase for me, despite that it is a really lovely moisturiser that helps my makeup to last longer

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