Saturday, 9 January 2016

Jurlique Rose Love Balm

The Jurlique Rose Love Balm is one of my favourite lip balms - a multipurpose balm for any dry or chapped skin that comes in a little antique-style brown tin. It has a stunning rose scent and a smooth, thin balm texture. It often comes in a set with the beautiful rose hand cream around Christmas time, which is the way I was first introduced to it. It was recently endorsed by Kim Kardashian herself, if that's enough to make you interested in this gorgeous little tin of goodness.

The Love Balm is not quite as thick and hydrating as my favourite overnight lip balm Nuxe Rêve de Miel, however I find that it does a great job so long as your lips are not in terrible condition in the first place and is great for during the day. The thin texture makes it perfect for layering under other lip products for hydration, though it can be a little slippery. It does tend to separate a little as you work your way through the tin and especially in warmer weather. This does not stop it being effective though, just can cause it to feel a little grainy on the lips. I also like to use it as a cuticle balm and it will quickly clear up any dry or peeling skin around your fingernails.

Main ingredients are olive oil, beeswax, safflower seed oil, soybean oil, caprylic triglyceride (an emollient extracted from coconut), calendula extract, chamomile extract, marsh mallow root extract, French rose extract, daisy extract, viola extract, purple coneflower extract, and Vitamin E in the form of tocopherol. It does contain both alcohol and fragrance which may be triggers for some to avoid. Overall, the beautiful flower extracts and various oils make this a hydrating and fragrant balm that I really love.

Price: $16.00 (Jurlique website) [$1.07/mL]
Rate: Australian made, natural ingredients, efficacy
Hate: can separate, packaging (tin is sometimes a little tricky to open)
Verdict: would always repurchase, I am nearly through my second tin

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