Saturday, 27 February 2016

Dr Lewinn's Refining Toner

One of my favourite skincare items is any sort of acidic or exfoliating toner. Traditional exfoliating scrubs are way too harsh on my sensitive skin so I love to use something that is more gentle on the skin, but still achieves the same clarifying and brightening effects. One of the exfoliating toners that I have recently had on rotation is the Refining Toner by Dr LeWinn's.

This is a very light, alcohol fee toner with witch hazel and citric acid (lemon extract). It is very gentle and will not cause any sort of sting when applied due to the acids beings relatively mild. I soak a cotton pad with the clear liquid and apply all over my face, neck and décolletage after cleansing on nights when my skin is in a good condition and does not need something more heavy duty to clear up breakouts and brighten my skin.

This is great for if you are just starting to add an exfoliating toner to your routine and you are a little bit nervous about some of the more heavily acidic versions. It will aid in keeping your skin clear from breakouts or clear any active ones faster and is a much gentler way of exfoliating than harsh scrubs that can scratch and irritate the skin. The hydrating ingredients included will ensure that this does not dry your skin out either.

Ingredients include aloe leaf juice, witch hazel extract, cucumber extract, lemon extract, Vitamin B in the form of panthenol, and allantoin (a by-product of uric acid that is an anti-irritant and skin protectant). It is fragrance free, so will not sting your nostrils either! Primarily natural, with some great cleansing and hydrating ingredients, this is a simple toner that has helped to keep my skin refreshed and clear.

Price: $29.99 (Priceline website) [$0.15/mL]
Rate: Ingredients, packaging, gentle, natural ingredients, hydrating
Hate: Not as effective as other exfoliating toners
Verdict: This is a great, gentle version of an exfoliating toner, however I prefer toners with a bit more kick!

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