Sunday, 4 September 2016

Lush Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser

Lush is one of those brands that I want to try everything (and I want to try it now!) from because it all looks and smells amazing, yet I have tried very few of their products outside of those catering to the bath and shower. The Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser is my first foray into their skincare line and I definitely will not be stopping here!

Gorgeous promises to melt easily into the skin and give a soft, matte feel perfect for day time. It also claims to be able to adapt to suit every skin type made with six organic oils and butters.

Gorgeous is a really light, surprisingly non-greasy lotion, given all of the oils included in the formula. It is slightly thick (almost the texture of runny yoghurt) but I would not describe it as a cream. It spreads easily over the skin and absorbs quite quickly. You are not left with a heavy, 'I just applied a really nourishing moisturiser' feeling - instead you can start applying makeup straight over the top, which makes it perfect for me in the mornings before work. In the time that it takes to do my eye makeup, my skin has gone from tacky after application to matte and ready for makeup. It provides more than enough moisture for me throughout a 12 hour day out of the house and in office air conditioning, even in winter.

Gorgeous has a sweet, nutty scent and is packaged in the typical small black Lush tub. I do not love the packaging because unfortunately it is prone to leakage around the sides and I cannot help feeling that if I am going to pay this much for a moisturiser, I would like it to be packaged in something that looks and functions a little better. The scent is quite strong and it does linger for a little while after application, so if you are someone that is quite sensitive to heavy fragrances in cosmetics - even if natural - then you might want to avoid this one.

One of the really great things about this moisturiser is that I would have to agree with its claim of being able to adapt to suit any skin type. I have fussy skin that can go from dry and flaky one day to oily and breakout-prone the next. However, Gorgeous provides enough moisture on the days my skin is feeling dry and also does not leave me with an oil slick for a face by the end of the day. It is a moisturiser I can comfortably lean on day to day if I am not sure what mood my skin is is (yes, it has moods!).

The six organic oils and butters included in Gorgeous are organic extra virgin olive oil, organic cold pressed evening primrose oil, organic cold pressed avocado oil, extra virgin coconut oil, organic cold pressed wheatgerm oil, and organic cold pressed grape seed oil. It has a beautiful base of orange blossom honey water (lush!) as well as containing glycerin and fresh organic fruit juices lemon, orange and pineapple to help provide a mattifying effect. 

I was fortunate enough to be given this moisturiser to try after attending the Bloggers United first birthday event at the new Lush store on Murray Street in Perth back in June (shout out to the lovely and generous Lush ladies who let us invade their store!), but it is one that I would not hesitate to repurchase despite the steep price as it is such a solid, every day moisturiser that is so nourishing for my skin.

Price: $74.95 (Lush website) [$1.67/g]
Rate: mattifying effect, hydration, reliability, gentle, natural
Hate: expensive (up front but not so bad on per gram basis), packaging, like all Lush products it has no preservatives so expires relatively quickly
Verdict: would repurchase (but would probably decant into easier packaging to handle!)

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