Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I will admit that whilst taking care of the skin on my face is something that I take great joy and pride in - my night time skincare routine is so relaxing and part of my unwinding process after a big day - taking care of the skin on my feet is something that I tend to neglect. As a result, my poor tootsies are usually very dry and you'll often see the backs of my heels and little toes sporting the telltale blisters from working in an office and wearing high heels.

I thought I'd share some of the products that I have been using lately to keep my feet happy. My recent foot care routine has involved using the Scholl Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream. This is a light, gel-like lotion to provide some easy and much needed TLC to your feet. It has a slight blue tint and smells quite fresh, not the usual overpowering peppermint smell of foot creams. It smooths over the skin on your feet easily (note: without the use of silicons, hallelujah!)

I was a little worried the first time I used it, as I thought that it take a while to absorb and would end up all over my sheets after application just before bed. So I smoothed way too much over my feet, put on some socks, and went to sleep with sticky feeling feet. The next night, I thought I would put its 60 second absorbency claims to the test and tried it without socks. This time I used a more reasonable amount and found that in actual fact, it absorbed quite quickly! Scholl - 1, Bonnie - 0.

The Essential Moisture Cream is a great everyday foot lotion. I have found that my feet are not suffering from the dreaded winter dryness so much when I remember to put this on before bed. I would love to try a thicker cream for night time though, as I just do not have the time to put this on as part of my morning routine and it is a cream aimed at twice daily use because of its lightness. I feel that it doesn't provide quite enough moisture for my feet, so I would prefer something richer.

I have also really enjoyed using the Scholl Party Feet Gel Inserts to reduce soreness from wearing high heels. I find that these help to make wearing heels all day something that is more bearable and actually an enjoyable experience! They are a gel pad with a suede top, which I quite like as there is not that gooey feel that you get when using purely gel pads. They help to stop aching in the balls of your feet and I also find that they help to make your heels fit more snugly as they give your feet a little boost up, so there is less rubbing from your shoes in the first place.

Of course, once you have taken care of the dry skin and blister issues, there is nothing better than a nice pedicure to make those feet feel complete! One of my absolute favourite polishes to wear on my toes is Skyfall from the OPI James Bond collection. It is classy and sophisticated - something a little bit more than your typical red, more of a blood red bordering on burgundy. It is definitely my most reached for pedicure shade.

Price: Essential Moisture Cream $14.99 (Priceline), Gel Inserts $15.69 (Priceline)
Rate: absorbency, scent, efficacy, no silicons, affordable
Hate: cream could be more moisturising
Verdict: if you're looking for some simple and easy ways for foot care, look no further! Would definitely repurchase the gel inserts for all my future high heels too!

Scholl have kindly provided me with some of their products for consideration. I have reviewed the products in my own honest opinion.

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