Monday, 6 April 2015

Oh Deer Sugar (Oh) Turkish Delight Face Mask

Oh Deer Sugar is a gorgeous company based out of Adelaide that prides itself on being a vegan, natural and cruelty-free brand. So far, I've only tried their (Oh) Turkish Delight face mask, but they also do a wicked range of body butters, bath bombs (yes, please!), and body scrubs.

The (Oh) Turkish Delight face mask is a white clay-based mask which is great for improving oily skin and drawing out all manner of impurities. It smells of roses and earthiness with a hit of orange. I could breathe it in it all day.

Because my skin tends to be fairly dry, I don't pull out this mask to use on my skin all that often. When I do use it, I don't let it completely set on my skin as that can exacerbate dryness. However, it is really good at giving your skin that fresh, brand new feeling.

One of the ways I do really like to use this mask is as a heavy duty cleanser when I'm showering. It gets rid of all traces of everything on your skin and allows for a really good massage because of its thick, heavy consistency. Just make sure to rinse well, otherwise you'll be left with little white clay streaks on your face. I always follow up with a lighter cleanser afterwards to make sure all traces of clay are gone from my skin.

The ingredients in (Oh) Turkish Delight are all natural, all fantastic. Orange oil, rosewater oil, strawberry oil, lemon oil, avocado oil, and grape seed oil are all nourishing and beautiful for the skin. I have nothing to complain about here! One thing to note is that there are no preservatives included, so this mask needs to be used fairly quickly (within 4 weeks).

I would definitely recommend this face mask for those with oilier skin. I've noticed on their website that they also do a (Oh) Zesty Mojito face mask with almond oil and red clay for hydration that seems more up my alley, so there is something for everyone!

Price: $18.50 (Oh Deer Sugar website) [$0.19/mL]
Rate: scent, ingredients, texture, packaging, Australian made and owned
Hate: nothing!
Verdict: would not repurchase as it is unsuited to my skin type

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