Saturday, 14 February 2015

Shea Terra Organics Mango Whipped Shea Butter

This is such a delicious little hand and body treatment that I received from the lovely people at Amorganica. There are several scents available and I have the mango scent. Now, I'm not really a fan of artificial mango flavours in food and only like it fresh, so I wasn't sure if I would enjoy this cream. But oh my lord, is it an amazing scent! I can only describe it as mouth-watering! Fresh and juicy and sweet. Just like a mango.

Aside from smelling amazing and basically being in danger of being eaten, this cream actually does a pretty decent job at hydrating my skin! I like to keep it on my bedside table and apply as a hand and elbow cream at night before I go to sleep. It is quite thick and has an almost solid butter-like texture but once it has warmed up a little on your skin, it is very easy to spread and massage into your hands.

A little goes a long way! It absorbs quite quickly and doesn't leave a greasy residue - perfect for when I apply it and want to sit up and read for a little while (no oily pages for my books!). When I use it regularly, my hands are softer and my nails and cuticles are so much healthier, to the point where I've even braved painting them again after a six week break because of how much they were splitting and peeling.

These creams contain 30% organic shea butter (wow!) so they are quite long-lasting once applied as the shea butter forms a sort of water-proof barrier on your skin. Other ingredients include spring water, natural emulsifying wax, mango extract (mmm!), and natural preservatives. I love products with such minimal ingredients - I feel much safer using a product where I know what each ingredient is! The cute little jar packaging also looks great on my bedside table, and I'm not too bothered about hygiene from dipping in and out of the jar because the product is only going on my hands.

There are a few other scents available in the range, including pink guavas and pomegranates, white chocolate, gingered pumpkin, and rooiboos and berries. They all sound just as delicious, and I see myself purchasing a few more for handbag and office purposes.

Price: $8.00 (Amorganica) [$0.28/mL]
Rate: scent, efficacy, ingredients, ease of use, packaging
Hate: nothing!
Verdict: would repurchase (if I ever run out!)

* Product was gifted to me by Amorganica as an inclusion in an order I made, but this has not influenced my opinion on the product and I have given as truthful a review as possible

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